Rolls-Royce plc is committed to supporting our skilled and experienced employees who are affected by restructuring. We are working with TRS to provide companies access to these employees' profiles and CV’s which you can view by registering now.

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Welcome to the Rolls-Royce plc Access & Registration Portal on the UK TRS System - (for Companies)

Rolls-Royce plc is one of a number of leading companies in the Manufacturing and Engineering sector sponsoring the TRS programme which has been set up to facilitate the recruitment, re-employment, retention and skills development of individuals working in these industries.

Rolls-Royce plc has encouraged their employees to use the TRS system to share their online profile and CV.

Rolls-Royce plc will also be promoting recruiting companies such as yourself to use TRS information to make direct contact about opportunities.

We would therefore encourage every company interested in Rolls-Royce employees affected by potential restructuring to register on the TRS system by clicking on ‘Register’.

Access to affected Rolls-Royce plc employees is ‘free of charge’ and there are additional options you may wish to consider for promoting your company’s services and vacancies, both locally and across the UK, through other TRS membership options. Please contact the TRS team at ( for more information.

Should you have any difficulties or require any assistance with your registration or accessing the system, please contact:

Supporting Organisations